Investment Description

At the moment, the condition of the tenement house is good: most of the apartments are rented short-term, and others are intended for renovation. As with any investment, we plan to perform some renovation works. Such action is not a requirement, but a desire to raise the standard of the tenement house.

The future owners of the apartments will decide on the scope of renovations. The exceptions to which every buyer obligatorily agrees are:​

  • connecting to the MPEC central heating and hot water networks,​
  • replacement of window frames with new ones,​
  • replacing roof coverings.,
  • renovation of the front façade,
  • an external elevator in the yard with access to the apartments in the front building.​

The plans include:

  • Renovation of the façade from the yard side.​
  • Transformation of parts of the basement into storage rooms.​
  • Renovation of the existing installation in the common parts of the building to the necessary extent.​
  • Renovation of staircases and hall.​
  • Reconstruction of a part of the building to create a garbage shed, or to create a room in the basement.​
  • New arrangement of the yard.​

For convenience, a silent elevator is planned in the tenement house. The entire investment will be arranged similarly to our other investments such as: Plac na Groblach 19, Sarego 16, Dielta 31 in Krakow. ​

The renovation of the tenement house will be financed by contributions to the renovation fund of the Housing Community.​ Materials are being prepared to initiate administrative proceedings for the renovation of the tenement house.