Short-term rental potential

In response to frequently asked questions, below we present an offer from one of the companies servicing short-term rental apartments.

Our offer focuses on apartments located in the heart of Krakow. The city attracts crowds of tourists all year round, who want to see world-famous monuments, as well as taste the unique atmosphere​ of the city. The investment located in the very center is close not only to historical buildings but also to unique restaurants, museums and green areas. An additional advantage is the availability of public transport, allowing you to easily get to every part of the city. Situated in a unique place and with a lot of potential, this investment will let you safely invest your capital.

Sample prices for our high-standard serviced apartments in the center of Krakow:

  • 2-person apartment – 350 PLN/night;
  • 3-person apartment – 420 PLN/night;
  • 4-person apartment – 490 PLN/night;
  • 5-person apartment – 620 PLN/night;
  • 6-person apartment – 780 PLN/night;
  • 7-person apartment – 880 PLN/night​;
  • 8-person apartment – 990 PLN/night​;
  • 9-person apartment – 1090 PLN/night.

Our company’s services include:

  • marketing activities aimed at ensuring the highest possible occupancy​ of the apartment;​
  • professional photos of the apartment;​
  • preparing the apartment for use; ​
  • interior design; ​
  • reservation service; ​
  • full guest service – handing over keys/communication with guests/key collection; ​
  • payment processing; ​
  • comprehensive cleaning after guests’ visits, including changing bed linen, towels, etc

Benefits for apartments’ owners:

  • can expect a high return on their ​investment; ​
  • are exempt from attracting guests to their​ apartments; ​
  • are exempt from servicing their apartment; ​
  • they don’t have to worry about minor ​repairs – we do them;​
  • they can reserve an apartment for their​ needs at any time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Agnieszka Cywińska
+48 505 090 891